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Electronic dictionary "Milonet" based Babylon, MB-008

Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew translator with the Babylon Database and 6,200,000 words and 300,000 Expressions and idioms in a much improved unit! This is the only dictionary that includes all the Hebrew verbs, each with all its possible onjugations! This means that every word and every verb, (in ..

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Ohaus Hard Carrying Case for Scout Pro Balances

Ohaus Hard Carrying Case for Scout Pro Balances (SP401, SP601, SP402, SP602, SP202, SP2001, SP4001, SP6001, SP6000)Ohaus Hard Carrying Case for Scout Pro BalancesBrand new..

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Radwag WTC 15/C1 Portable Bench Scale,Precision Balance 15kgx1g,Base 11.4x14.1",RS 232,Brand NEW.made in Europe

Radwag WTC 15/C1 Portable Toploading Precision Balance - 15 KG x 5g, RS 232, made in Europe, Brand New with 1years warranty Rugged Workhorse of a balance. All Steel Platform Construction (Indicator is plastic) Features: *Mild Steel Construction *Stainless Steel Weighing Platform (14.1 x 11...

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Russian Phrasebook - Guidebook Speedy Language

Going In Style Russian Phrasebook with bag and checklist Language set is a great travel accessory for traveling to Russia. Cloth bag protects your phrase book when you pack it away in your luggage or when you tuck into your purse. Travelers checklist is a comprehensive checklist for International an..

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This mass market paperback is a bilingual, bidirectional guide to French and North American English with extensive coverage of Canadian French. It contains 80,000 entries and 100,000 translations. Abundant examples of words used in context are given. Special sections include French Grammar, Conjugat..

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16-Channel Digital Phone Recording Logger

Highest quality recorder available at an unbeatable price. Installation is a snap: 1. Attach any analog audio source. You can record from phone extensions, headsets, or outside lines (to record all calls). 2. Attach a USB cable to a PC or Server. 3. Load the CD, adjust levels, and you're recording! ..

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A Window in the Earth

It's the summer of 1993. After the death of their parents at the hands of a drunk driver, city-dwelling teenage brothers Christopher and James Janes are sent to live with their widowed grandfather in the remote Ozarks of Missouri. There, the brothers must learn to cope with the drastic turn their li..

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Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II Array Microphone - Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II Array Microphone - 210

Overview Featuring a frequency range of 100 Hz to 11.3 kHz, the Voice Tracker II Array from Acoustic Magic is a mountable microphone designed not only for recording lectures (including any question-and-answer portions thereof), but for facilitating large-scale conference calls as well. It compounds ..

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Audio Recorder 2.0 Plus

Audio Recorder 2.0 Plus gives you the power to convert all of your music, including cassettes, LPs and 8-track tapes, into MP3s, WAV files, audio CDs and MP3 CDs, and listen to them on your portable music player. Included is a 10 foot long audio cable and adaptor, making connection between your musi..

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Audio Technica AT9910 Stereo Plug-in Microphone

Format: Retail PkgAge: Platform: N/ARecord only the sounds youwant Product InformationThe Audio Technica Stereo Plug-in Microphone  provides thespatial impact and realism of a live sound field and is ideal forrecording on digital media. Thanks to reliable plug-in power operation,this high-quality st..

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AWW!® Multiple Voice Effect Voice Amplifying Mini Voice Transformer Recorder Toy

High protection universal pitcher cartridge fits most brands of pitchers40 Gallon filter lifeOne replacement cartridge for filtered water pitcher..

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Bedol Digital Message Center

This digital message recorder sticks to the refrigerator with strong magnets so everyone in the family can use it for recording and retrieving personal digital voice messages. It features four separate voice mail boxes so you can easily push a button, record and playback personal messages to family ..

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BOSS RC-30 Phrase Looper Pedal

The RC-30 is a Twin Pedal multitrack looper with 2 synchronized stereo tracks and built-in loop effects. Plug in your instrument of choice, or even a microphone; an XLR input is provided, complete with phantom power. Record for up to 3 hours direct to internal memory, adding effects as you go. The U..

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Canon Japanese Electronic Dictionary - WordTank IDP-700G

It's convenient by a partial search to check the kanji which can't be read.Japanese Electronic DictionaryJapanese syllabary & QWERTYPart search of a kanjiThe calculator functionCR2032×1..

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Canon Japanese/English Electronic Dictionary - WordTank IDP-610E

Canon Japanese/English Electronic DictionaryCanon Japanese/English Electronic Dictionary..

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Casio Ex-word Electronic Dictionary Xd-n10000 | for Professional (Japan Import)

The "professional" specifications who is most suitable for a study, translation, specialized learning. 2013 release. Approximately 100,000 English word native pronunciation.Refer the user manual below for troubleshootingBasXPort technology enhances the low frequency response without the bulkiness of..

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Japanese and English dicionary150 contents..

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Coby CVR-20 USB Digital Voice Recorder with Built-In Mic, Voice Recorder

This 4BG USB flash digital voice-recorder has a sleek appearance design and a comfortable-touch. It is the perfect pocket-sized way to record discreetly or covertly. Never worry about missing out parts of the conversation or writing things down. This voice recorder features simple one key recording ..

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Covert Audio Keychain Recorder

The AR-100 is a law enforcement grade digital audio recorder disguised as a key fob. This professional-grade voice recorder features easy one-touch operation and voice activation mode, long battery life (up to 15 hours) and fast USB file transfers to your computer. Includes high-grade earphones and ..

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