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10FT Direct Hard Wire Power Cord for Whistler Radar Detectors

This is a 10FT Direct Hard Wire kit which will fit Whistler Brand radar detectors. If you have a Cobra, Beltronics or Escort this is not the cord for you. We have those in our Amazon Store.This will fit all current Whistler Model radar detectors.For wiring into fuse boxPlug size is 1.3 mm Center..

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2T53245 - Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C435 Radar/Laser Detector

Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C435 Radar/Laser DetectorFrequency_Band - LaserShadow_Technology - VG-3 ImmunityLaser_Wavelength - 0" - 50Detection_Area - 360Manufacturer - Rocky Mountain Radar..

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Adaptiv Technologies Tpx Wireless Headset - One Size

Adaptiv Technologies Tpx Wireless HeadsetFor use with the TPX Radar/Laser Detector main consoleAlerts the rider to the detection of radar/laser signals by audio beeps through the earphoneWireless, water resistant designed easily attaches to most open or full face helmetsCan be used in conjunction wi..

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Athletic Specialties Xtreme Research Skyscan Lightning/Storm Detector

Used by Little League teams, golf courses, and recreational districts, SkyScan gives you advance weather warning technology you can use at home, indoors or out, and take wherever you go, for any kind of outdoor sports and recreation. SkyScan offers you the ability to detect the presence of lightning..

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New Designed PERFECTLY ALIGNED Windshield Mount Bracket for Escort & Beltronics Radar Detectors w/3 Clear Suction Cups for Extra strength! Beltronics: The New Bel V6 and V8, GX65, Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro 300, Pro 500, RX65, RX55, STi Driver, STi Magnum, Vector 995, Vector 965, Vector 955, Vector 895, ..

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Beltronics PRO300 Radar & Laser/Lidar Detector with Audible Voice Alerts 360-Degree Protection

Time and money spent on anything but things you actually want to be doing is Bad. Simple right? unless you actually want a speeding ticket, in which case you can go ahead and skip this awesome Beltronics PRO300 Radar detector. But if you're like the rest of us and don't want to spend your hard earne..

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BLACK+DECKER TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector -7%

BLACK+DECKER TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector

The Black & Decker thermal leak detector helps you increase the efficiency of your home's insulation by finding leaky areas that can lead to higher heating and cooling bills. You'll instantly identify problem areas around drafty windows and doors, and uncover hidden leaks and insulation "soft spots"..

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BlendMount BGP-2000R Aluminum Action Camera Mount for GoPro/Garmin VIRB X/XE - Compatible with Most American and Asian Vehicles - Made in USA - Loo...

Mount Your GoPro® HERO, HERO2, HERO3/3+, HERO4, Hero +, HERO4 Session, HERO5, HERO5 Session HD Action Cam Without The Suction Cups or The Adhesive Tape!!! BlendMount is A High Quality Mount proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by J28 Design, Inc. BlendMount is Constructed Of Durable, Lightwe..

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BLENDMOUNT INNOVATIVE MOUNTING SOLUTIONS BlendMount Audi Aluminum Radar Detector Mount for K40 Electronics - Patented Design Made in USA - Looks Fa...

BlendMount® BMW Aluminum Radar Detector Mount for K40 Electronics - Patented Design Made in USA - Looks Factory Installed Looks Factory InstalledFits most Left Hand Drive BMW Rear View Mirrors. Absolutely No Bouncing, Noise or Vibration. No More Suction Cups!A High Quality Mount proudly designed and..

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Cobra FI2000 Fuel Processor for Suzuki Boulevard M109 06-09

Uses T-Tap ConnectionsCan Be Used With Any Exhaust System on the Market TodayMore Advanced Tuning for Modified BikesFull Range of Fuel Adjustment (0-10 Settings) Across All Rpm RangesStep-By-Step InstructionsImproves Rideability by Smoothing Out the Powerband and Giving the Bike More Throttle Respon..

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Cobra Hard Wire Kit for Cobra Radar Detectors

This 10-foot cord provides a permanent power source for your detector. The bare wires on the end of the cable can be connected to the fuse box or even directly to the battery. It includes an integral fuse holder Hard Wire Kit for Cobra ESD7000, PRO7080, XRS-9300, XRS-9330, XRS-9340, XRS-9345, XRS-94..

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Cobra SPX 900 14 Band High Performance Digital Radar Laser Detector with Extreme Range and VG-2/Spectre/360 Degree Protection

Detects All Radar & Guns. High-Performance 14 Band Radar / Detector 360 Laser Maximum Range Detection, Safety Alert POP Mode Protection, IntelliMute LaserEye, Voice Alert UltraBright Data Display, Digital Signal Strength Meter City & Highway ModesSelf Test Notifies the user that the radar detector h..

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Cobra Windshield Mounting Bracket for Cobra Radars with 3 Black Suction Cups

Cobra Windshield Mount Bracket 3 BLACK suction cups for Cobra Radar Detectors. Improved design with a third suction cup on the bracket. Sticks better. This mount fits all 9-Band, 10-Band, 11-Band, 12-Band and all newer Cobra radar detector models. Windshield Suction Cups for Cobra IRAD ALL MODELS, E..

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Coiled Smartcord Blue Display for Passport: 9500ix 9500i 8500 x50 8500 7500s 750

Escort Coiled Smartcord with Blue LED for all current and some past model Escort Detectors. Works on 9500ix, 9500i, 8500 x50, 8500, 7500s, 7500, Solo S2Blue led to match your Escort's blue displayMute button right on the plug..

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Docooler Digital Oil Temp Temperature Meter Gauge with Sensor for Auto Car 52mm 2in LCD 0~150 Celsius Degree Warning Light Black

The oil temperature gauge measures the oil temperature of automobile and displays the numbers on LCD with high accuracy, thereby assuring our safety.Features: Digital display with black face and blue LED. Used to measure the oil temperature of automobile. Measurement range is 40~150 Celsius Degree. ..

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Early Warning Radar Detectors Straight Power Cord

Early Warning Straight 7 (SEVEN) Foot long Power Cord for all Models Of Early Warning Radar Detectors Product Description Straight Power Cord for all Models Of Early Warning Radar Detectors 7 feet long . Gives you the extra length to install your radar anywhere in your car New Straight power cords f..

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EDO Direct HardWire Power Cord Kit for Rocky Mountain Radar Laser Detector RMR-C410, C430, C435, C450, C475, D210, D550, DLS315

hardwire kit for Rocky Mountain Radar DetectorDirect hardwire car charger DC adapter power cord for Rocky Mountain Radar Laser Detectors RMR-C410 C430 C435 C450 C475 C495 D210 D550 DLS315 Traxx Phantom-TFits all C-series/combination Rocky Mountain Radar models, The Judge, and The Judge 2.0.With inli..

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EDO Tech Direct HardWire Power Cord Kit for Whistler Radar Laser Detector

for Whistler radar detector 1400 series and higher Xtr-105 Xtr-123 Xtr-130 Xtr-135 Xtr-140 Xtr-145 Xtr-150 Xtr-180 Xtr-195 Xtr-220 Xtr-225 Xtr-255 Xtr-260 Xtr-265 Xtr-310 Xtr-312 Xtr-325 Xtr-330 Xtr-335 Xtr-338 Xtr-420 Xtr-425 Xtr-430 Xtr-435 Xtr-438 Xtr-440 Xtr-445 Xtr-475 Xtr-500 Xtr-520 Xtr-538 X..

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EMX LP D-TEK Low Power Loop Detector

The LP-DTEK's low 9 mA current draw make it ideal for solar applications and gate or door operators that require many accessories drawing from the same power supply. The lower current requirement means smaller solar panels are needed reducing costs. LP D-Ideal for solar applicationsUse for gate or d..

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Escort Coiled SmartCord Combo - (Red Light)

This one half straight cord and one half coiled cord provides a cleaner look and extra length. (Works with all current ESCORT radar detectors)Coiled cordRed color LEDExtra lengthWorks with all current ESCORT radar detectors..

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